Independently owned and led by the Vazquez family, with 4 generations of agave farming and Tequila production experience.

Our home is Atotonilco El Alto, in the highlands of the Jalisco Mountains, with the distillery located perfectly for the natural water springs and next to our agave fields.

We only use our own locally sourced, 100% Blue Weber agave in our Tequila which grows for around 7 years before harvesting.

Cazcabel Tequila is created in our distillery in the town of Atotonilco El Alto, located in the highlands of the Jalisco mountains in Mexico. The Vazquez family are renowned for their expertise in agave farming and production of premium Tequila. As fourth-generation Tequileros, they have honed their skills and techniques over the years in the meticulous process of agave cultivation and harvesting to produce high quality Tequila in an environmentally efficient way. 

The elevation of the distillery ensures that the agave are well hydrated and the mineral and nutrient rich soil in the area allows the agave plant to grow larger than anywhere else in Jalisco.

Once harvested our piñas steamed for over 26 hours at 95 degrees in our brick ovens, this has many benefits resulting in a Tequila with a clean soft profile. 

After fermenting in steel tanks for 10 days, the Tequila is distilled in copper pot and steel stills, then chill-filtered to remove any impurities. The combination of these processes gives Cazcabel Tequila an amazingly smooth and balanced flavour.

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Sustainability and Community are at the heart of our agave farming and Tequila production.

We dry out the leftover pinas after creating our Tequila and use them to heat our brick ovens, with the waste agave fibre recycled into organics compost to be used to grow new agave plants. Our new distillery will be supported by solar and wind-power, whilst hundreds of trees will be planted in the surrounding area on completion. At the central hub of the building is an ancient tree, which was built around to save it being destroyed. Many of the processes are still done by hand supporting job creating in the local community and profits from the distillery shop will be donated to local charities.

The result is a range of premium Tequilas, which will enable people to discover, explore and enjoy Tequila.

Our Blanco and Reposado products are at the heart of the range, credited for their light versatile flavour profile and long smooth finish, made from 100% Blue Weber Agave and certified additive free. Both winning Gold or Master Awards at the World Spirits Awards. We also have 3 flavoured liqueurs, Coconut, Coffee and Honey, made with natural ingredients and our Blanco Tequila. At 34% ABV and with a slightly sweeter, more accessible taste profile, these are perfect for long drinks and cocktails.

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