What is La Loteria

La Loteria is Cazcabel’s hand-illustrated Mexican bingo game.

A game that has been played in Mexico
for hundreds of years, has been brought to life by Cazcabel with a unique set of bespoke illustrated cards.

Perfect to be enjoyed with
friends and a Cazcabel margarita.

Download Play Sheets & Rules

it’s Similar to bingo,
but instead of balls
with numbers, there are
cards with pictures.

There is a set of cards, with 52 different illustrations of Mexico-related items.

Each player has their own score sheet which contains a unique combination of 16 illustrations.

A host draws the cards one by one (just like picking the ball in bingo) and announces to the group what it says/what it is.

The players cross off the illustration if it matches their unique scorecard.

The aim of the game is to be the first to cross
off all 16 illustrations from your sheet before
the other players.

Dive into
La Lotería

Download the rules and play
sheets for free below!

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