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It’s National Margarita Day: Here’s Five Fun Facts

Fri 22 Feb 2019

22nd February marks National Margarita Day, a date to hero the classic cocktail made from a combination of tequila, something sweet and lime juice. We’re celebrating at Cazcabel HQ with one or two! In honour of this popular cocktail, here’s some trivia to enjoy whilst you sip your own margarita…

  1. No one really knows the origin of the drink. There’s a rumour that an American socialite Margarita Sames was the first to create the cocktail for her friends in 1948 in Aculpulco. First accounts of the drink date back to 1937, though.
  2. The first frozen margarita machine was made in 1971 by restaurateur Mariano Martinez. He cleverly adapted a soft serve ice cream machine into a frosty margarita dispenser.
  3. Margarita means ‘daisy’ in Spanish and The Daisy is an old prohibition drink that has a base spirit, sugar and a sour. Some people believe the Tequila Daisy inspired the Margarita.
  4. The US is the margarita’s biggest market: Americans drink 185,000 margaritas an hour.
  5. Margaritas are best made with quality tequila: proper tequila is made from the blue weber agave plant, like our entire Cazcabel range!

Why not try making our Cazcabel Tommy’s Margarita? This spicy twist on the traditional combination is the perfect cocktail to make with friends and take part in the national day! Find the recipe below:


Glass: Rocks


50ML Cazcabel Blanco

25ML Lime Juice

20ML Agave Syrup

Lime Wedge

Half a chilli


Pour Cazcabel Blanco, lime juice and agave into a Boston glass, shake and strain into a fresh glass with crushed ice. Garnish with a wedge of lime and half a chilli.

To make these drinks, find all the ingredients you need from your Sainsbury’s supermarket or buy Cazcabel blanco online at Sainsbury’s.