Halloween Cocktail Ideas

Wed 25 Oct 2017

Our brand ambassador Chris has been busy creating some amazing new cocktail ideas for you to create at home for your Halloween party!

Sangra Fria


• 50ml Cazcabel Blanco Tequila
• 80ml Blood Orange Juice
• 20ml Lime Juice
• 25ml Agave Syrup
• Blueberry skewer garnish

○ Shake all the ingredients and strain into a chilled Coupe glass.
○ Add blueberry skewer and serve

Blood & Coffee


• 25ml Cazcabel Coffee
• 12.5ml Sweet Vermouth
• 12.5ml Campari
• Long lime peel garnish
• Stick of rosemary

Dead Gringo


• 50ml Cazcabel Coffee Tequila
• 50ml Milk

○ Add the coffee and milk to a rocks glass full of ice.
○ Stir well but leave the coffee near the bottom.

Honey Snake

• 50ml Cazcabel Honey Tequila
• 15ml Lime Juice
• Soda
• Extra Long Lime Peel

○ Add the Cazcabel Honey Tequila to a rocks glass full of ice.
○ Add the lime juice and top up with soda water
○ Add lime peel snake garnish

La Catrina

– 50ml Cazcabel Reposado Tequila
– 50ml Orange Juice
– 50ml Pomegranate Juice
– Black Mist Orange Twist

• Fill a Rocks glass with ice.
• Add the tequila & orange juice
• Pour the pomegranate juice gently as a top layer
• Add black orange twist & serve